10 Signs You Live With An Abuser

Nefissa And Mambo
4 min readMar 8, 2021

There is no easy way to discern if you are living with an abuser.

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Some abuse is inherited down the family line and other people choose to be in violent homes in the long run. It is extremely important to evaluate the behavior of the people you are living with. Here are 10 signs you are living with an abuser.

  1. Quits School Or Jobs

Have you ever lived with someone who had full scholarships to college and quit mid-semester or quit jobs abruptly every year? If the answer is yes then you might be living with someone who lacks patience and does not finish through with tasks. That person might claim that “someone” at school tried to start an argument or claim that the manager was rude at work. This person might have an inability to process decisions mentally in a manner that is both productive and healthy.

2. Shopping Or Gambling Addiction

There might be someone in your home that is constantly ordering packages or visiting the casino a little bit too often. Maybe there are an insane amount of shoes and clothes deliveries coming to your home for someone at your residence and you might be the one who ends up having to open each package and neatly fold the clothes and put them in the dresser. Or perhaps someone in your home comes home from work; eats dinner and rushes back out to go to the casino.

3. Refuses To Cook Or Clean

It always seems that you are the one that is doing the cooking and cleaning at home. And don’t even get started about the laundry. That’s your duty too. You find yourself cooking every single dish, cleaning every plate and washing every cycle of laundry. Congratulations you are living with an abusive person!

4. Torments You Physically, Mentally Or Both

You wake up in the morning; start washing a dish or two and a couple minutes later; she or he wakes up and hits you in the arm and spews a couple F bombs. Apparently you placed the dish too loudly on the drying rack and woke him or her up. Sometimes you wonder what you could do to calm this person down and the answer is to leave that home.

5. Family Never Has Anything Good To Say About Him Or Her…

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