Dear Mama

Nefissa And Mambo
2 min readMar 12, 2021
Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels

It has been a year and

a half since I have seen you

I really miss cooking with you in the kitchen

I want you to know I live alone now

I went from a family of five to a house of one

I have actually been hanging out with dad

You are shocked I know

I meet him and his wife every weekend

He ended up marrying one of his mistresses

When you died

She has been extremely kind to him

He has been sick lately and she wipes his ass sometimes

Every week I make him your exact soup recipe

He has been feeling better

You told me daddy loved me

But you never told me how

It turns out gambling is an addiction

Not so much a choice

We thought he did not want to hang out

With his kids

With every slam of the door he took

The children’s hearts with him

Mama it is true

He loves me like you said he did

It took your passing for our relationship to grow

I thought I needed you to breathe

I never did

I just needed God to hold my hand

And never let go

Mama daddy is not a bad man

And you were right he does love me

And I found the God in me

Nefissa And Mambo

I am Egyptian, Cuban, New Yorkian and Christian all at the same time. I write articles based on childhood, race and religion to purge myself.