More After Affects Of Grief

Nefissa And Mambo
3 min readFeb 24, 2021
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  • Your palette changes. If you used to like vanilla cupcakes with strawberry frosting you now like saltier foods like pizza with black olives and sardines; two ingredients you once hated.
  • Family and friends may run away from you. They may go clothes and food shopping and venture out to your favorite park without you. There are three types of people that are hated in this world: those that are mourning, poor or sick.
  • When people around you start losing family members; you are slow to advise them. These are the same people who were very quick to tell you “to look at the bright side” when they had not lost a loved one just yet.
  • Movies are a no no. You no longer have patience for films; not even “Finding Nemo” or “Shrek”.
  • If you have a life partner or kids they will be your saving grace. Family eases the pain and makes the time fly by. If you are childless and partner-less like myself; you feel every crushing moment without your loved one.
  • You are suddenly scared to die. Your blood results come out good but you don’t believe the doctor so you book another appointment with a different physician for a second analysis.
  • You will either draw closer to God or farther apart. You will believe that the creator is picking up the pieces or you will be convinced that the deity dropped the ball.
  • Some will fall in to alcohol, drugs or reckless sex habits. I now empathize with people who do these things.
  • You suddenly buy coffee from shops rather than making it at home. I used to love to make coffee at home and drink it with my loved one. Now I order coffee often at shops and I find making my own cup of brew a tedious task.
  • You will become attached to other family members or become completely distant. I went from speaking to my sister twice a week to every single day.
  • You now believe in death and it believes in you. I did not believe death could ever happen to my family before; now I do.
  • You watch “Afterlife” with Ricky Gervais on Netflix and you are really wondering if the creators of the show managed to get inside your soul to invent this stuff…
  • You lose your keys and your wallet in the streets and you go into panic mode because you know you live alone and there is no one to let you in. The keys and wallet fell though the holes in your coat pocket because you are too depressed to sew them in…
  • When you see parents walking with their children you pause and take a moment to pray for the longevity of the parents’ lives. You pray they will always walk and that they will always remember their children well into old age. Amen.
Nefissa And Mambo

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